Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is GOV.BN portal?

GOV.BN portal is the official portal of the Government of Brunei Darussalam.

A gateway to information and services within and around the Government of Brunei Darussalam, bringing them all together in one place to the people. Whether you are a citizen, business, or visitor, has many features designed to help you to quickly and easily locate information to government resources anywhere and anytime and to engage with government.

The is a mobile responsive design, optimized for viewing on any device or screen size to fit a growing mobile audience.

Who are the target audience for GOV.BN portal?

Suitable for all ages and all levels of society; from citizen to business to visitor.

Who is in charge of GOV.BN portal?

GOV.BN portal is maintained by the E-Government National Centre at the Prime Minister Office in coordination with all ministries and departments in the Government of Brunei Darussalam.

How do I find information and services provided by the government?

The GOV.BN portal are divided into THREE (3) sections - For Citizen, for Business and for Visitor.

All services provided by the Government of Brunei Darussalam to the citizen can be found at A-Z Services. Meanwhile, specifically for the business can be found at E-Services.

What can i find in the Citizen section?

On the Citizen section, you can find all the services avaiable in Brunei Darussalam provided by the government for you and useful information on the government such as the government directory, mobile apps and many more.

What can i find in the Business section?

On the Business section, you can find specific information related to on doing business in Brunei Darussalam such as how to start business, how to get your business up and running, tips to help your business run smoothly, and avaiable support to grow your business, also you can find the business reform directory, business guidelines simulator and many more.

What can i find in the Visitor section?

Either you're a tourist or local resident,  you can learn and find any useful information about Brunei Darussalam at the Visitor section such as places of interest, upcoming events and many more.

Will my personal information be collected?

Please view Privacy Policy for more information.


How many services are available in the GOV.BN portal? And how and where can I find the services?

There are more than hundred services provided by the Government of Brunei Darussalam for the members of the public.

You may view and access all the services at A-Z Services.

How many services that require to use e-Darussalam Account and what are they?

Account Registration

What is e-Darussalam Account?

e-Darussalam Account is a single nationwide digital authentication key that gives you access to multiple online services provided by the Government of Brunei Darussalam with Single Sign On Services with the mission to make secured login quick, convenience and available for everyone.

Who can register to e-Darussalam Acccount?

  • Brunei Darussalam Citizen (Yellow Identification Card)
  • Permanent Resident (Purple / Red Identification Card)
  • Expatriates with working pass and work permit holders (Green Identification Card)

How to register your e-Darussalam Account?

Go to and click Register Now on the top right.

At the e-Darussalam Account registration page, please fill in all the mandatory fields with symbol asterix '*'. Click the information symbol to view the sample input. Please refer to image below for guideline of filling up the online application form.

Click the Next button after entering all the details. Make sure all the information are correct especially your identification card number, full name and email address.

​Can more than one person share an e-darussalam log in account or profile?

No. An e-Darussalam profile is only tied to one IC and cannot be shared.

I've registered wrong Identification Card (IC) number, what should I do?

Please contact Talian Darussalam 123 by dailing 123 or email at or whatsapp at +678333123 regarding the wrong IC number you have registered and send copy of your IC for verification. After that, kindly register once again with correct IC number.

After I register to e-Darussalam, What should I do?

Once you have successfully registered your e-Darussalam Account, an email will be send to your official email address used for your e-Darussalam Account.

The email containt the next step and guide on how to activate your e-Darussalam Account.

Account Activation

​How do I activate my e-Darussalam Account?

To activate, you must:

  • First, register your own e-Darussalam Account at and you will receive an acknowledgement email to confirmed you have successfully registered your e-Darussalam Account.
  • Go to any authorised activation counters, bring along your original Identification Card (I.C.) for one-time activation.

Which counter should I visit to activate my e-Darussalam Account?

Click here to view all the locations of the activation counter for e-Darussalam Account.

Change Password

​How to change my e-darussalam password?

Please ensure that you have activate your account to the activation counter.

To change your password, click here and fill in the change password form:

  • Enter your IC Number
  • Enter the current password. [Please refer to your email, subject "e-darussalam: Account Activation Notification" for the password]
  • Enter the new password. [New password must be combination of alphanumeric and special character, for example password@123 ]

​I am not able to change my e-darussalam password

  1. First Time Log-In
    • If this is your first time logging in with your e-darussalam password, please click here to change password.
  1. Repeat Failed Attempts
    • If you are getting the following error message:  "Access to this user account is temporarily denied due to repeat failed attempts. Please try again later." Please wait 5 minutes before log in again. Make sure you enter the correct IC number and password. If you have forgotten your password, please select Forgot Password button.
  1. Other Problems
    • If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Talian Darussalam at 123 or email at, and please provide your IC Number, Full Name and Contact Details.

Forgot Password

​What should I do if I forgot my e-darussalam password?

There are several ways to get your current password.

  1. You have to sign in to your email and search for 'e-darussalam'. Find the latest email said Change Password Notification email. Use this password to login to any services using e-darussalam account. OR
  2. If you can't find 'Change Password Notification' email in your inbox, click Forgot Password to change your password. Please enter your IC number  without dash '-' and your email address. When your personal question appear, make sure to answer correctly. Then, check your email for the 'Reset Password' notification email. It is highly recommended to change your password after the reset password is done. OR
  3. Call Talian Darussalam 123 to reset your password. It is highly recommended to change your password after the reset password is done.

Update User Profile

​How do I change my e-Darussalam's profile details? (name, email address, phone number, personal question and answer)

To change your E-Darussalam profile, login to Update User Profile, and:
  • Enter IC number and password
  • Type in the fields or boxes that you want to update
  • Please make sure full name, email address, phone numbers, personal  question and answer are correct. Click 'Edit' to make the changes
  • Review all the changes made and click 'Submit'
  • Else select 'Previous Settings' if you want to restore the previous details. And click 'Cancel' to exit the form.

Note: You will not be able to change your IC Number from this form after you successfully register e-darussalam account. If you have entered wrong IC Number, please contact Talian Darussalam at 123 or, and please send your copy IC as well OR go to e-darussalam activation counters.