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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated an unprecedented demand for digital technology solutions. As such, various agencies in the Government and private sectors collaborate to undertake initiatives by building and utilising technologies such as contact-tracing application, online learning and tools to facilitate travel restrictions, to tackle the global pandemic in a whole of nation approach.



The official GOV.BN Telegram channel provides citizens with latest updates on the COVID-19 situation.

Citizens can join the channel at


BruHealth mobile app provides citizens and residents updates on COVID-19 development and related policy measures, monitors health conditions of residents of Brunei through the self-assessment feature and tracks risk exposure of residents of Brunei using the Bluetooth and GPS tracking features.


(i) Epidemic update: Contains an overview of Brunei and the global COVID-19 situation (latest statistics and trends).

(ii) Personal assessment code: This code reflects the infectious risk of the user and will determine the type of activities the user can take part in.

(iii) COVID-19 Self-assessment tool: A tool that assesses your risk factor to COVID-19 and is used as a reference only. It does not provide any medical diagnosis, treatment advice and medication guidance.

(iv) Friday Prayers Code: This code is used to book for your next Friday prayer, and to determine if you are healthy and well enough to attend Friday prayers.

(v) COVID-19 knowledge: Includes press releases issued by the government related to COVID-19, as well as articles infographics on COVID-19

(vi) FAQ's on COVID-19: Frequently asked questions of COVID-19.

(vii) Nearby: Shows the activity trace of the confirmed cases in Brunei and locations of medical resources.

(viii) Scan QR Code: Allows users to scan the QR codes at business premises or locations that has applied for the BruHealth QR Code. Entry to the premise is determined by the event code of the user.

BruHealth app is downloadable via Google Play and App Store.


Exit country travel bans have been made effective from 16 March 2020 for Brunei Darussalam citizens and residents.

Citizens and residents who intend to exit and enter the country under urgent circumstances will need to apply for approval from the Prime Minister's Office at

Foreign nationals are barred from entering the country through land, sea and air control posts effective 24 March 2020.

However, special consideration will only be given by the Immigration and National Registration Department subject to important matters. 

For more information on travel application, visit the Prime Minister's Office website at



The pandemic has resulted in schools across the nation to be closed thus learning and teaching has to be conducted remotely on digital platforms. In response to the significant demand, telecommunications companies are working together with ministries to expand and enhance bandwidth and data to ensure continuous online learning. Citizens are also welcome to take part in supporting online learning by donating computers, laptops and tablets (new or used).

Program Rancangan Pembelajaran di Rumah for Year 6 Students are broadcasted on television through RTB Aneka channel and online at



Each Ministry or organisation is required to activate the Business Continuity Plan protocol immediately following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. All officers and staff, except for essential workers, are required to Work From Home. The activation of Business Continuity Plan must be implemented without affecting their respective organisations functions or core services. Further information in relation to ‘Work From Home’ can be viewed here.

To minimise risk for essential workers in all ministries, public service agencies and statutary bodies that are working from office, the government has revised the working hours similar to the working hours during Ramadhan. Click on this link to read on the announcement.


Renewal of driving license and vehicle license can be done online using TransportBN app or through, and then delivered to customer's doorsteps. Senior citizens who wish to renew their driving licenses may do so by contacting Talian Darussalam 123.


Citizens can make donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund via online transfers directly to the fund's current account as well as via mobile service provider.



Businesses are offered free-of-charge online training through Coursera, an online learning platform that has over 300 courses related to business matters.

Revamping of Job Centre Brunei (JCB) Website – Job Matching, real-time notifications for job matches, and companies would also be able to get talent profiles and compatibility reports based on the criteria of the jobs.


Monitoring of product prices is continuously conducted for items such as rice, sugar and other essentials such as hand sanitizers and surgical face masks. The list of essential items can be found in the PenggunaBijak mobile app.

Download the PenggunaBijak app at Google Play or App Store.


Prime Minister's Office

1. Notice of temporary closures of deparmental counter services under Prime Minister's Office [Bahasa Melayu]

2. 'Work From Home' arrangements for the public and private sectors [Bahasa Melayu]

3. Revised working hours for 'Work From Office' [Bahasa Melayu]

4. Response on foreign-registered vehicles entering Brunei Darussalam during the COVID-19 pandemic [Bahasa Melayu]

5. Adherence to health guidelines [English]

Ministry of Finance and Economy

1. Temporary closure of counter services at departments and divisions under Ministry of Finance and Economy [Bahasa Melayu]

2. Population and Housing Census (BPP) 2021 Face-to face Interviews Temporarily Suspended [English]

3. The reactivation of the COVID-19 Relief Fund [English | Bahasa Melayu]

4. Temporary closure of counter services at departments and divisions under Ministry of Finance and Economy [English | Bahasa Melayu]

5. BIBD initiative for Digital Platform ‘Community for Brunei’ [English | Bahasa Melayu]

6. Interim measures by the Ministry of Finance and Economy in assisting the private sector affected by COVID-19 [English]

7. Monitoring of product prices and stocks of essential items [Bahasa Melayu]

8. Temporary exemption of customs and excise duty for personal hygiene products [Bahasa Melayu]
    - Frequently Asked Questions [Bahasa Melayu]

9.  Drive-through method for pension payment [Bahasa Melayu]

10. Tax Discount of 50% on Corporate Income Tax for The Year of Assessment 2022 to the affected sectors [English | Bahasa Melayu]

11.  Temporary closure of  counter services at Revenue Division [EnglishBahasa Melayu]

Ministry of Education

1. Online teaching and learning

2. Amendment of the Second School Term Holiday

3. Temporary closure of the counter services for departments and divisions under the Ministry of Education

4. Commencement of Third School Term, Online Teaching and Learning, Information about PSR examination, Brunei Cambridge IGCSE, BC GCE 'O', 'AS' & 'A' Level, Teacher’s Day Celebration and Convocation Ceremony 2021

5. Donate Data Campaign

6. Device Donation to support online learning

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

1. Closure of premises and facilities under Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports [English | Bahasa Melayu]

2. Payment method for Old Age Pension, other pension and allowance, and Monthly Welfare Assistance [Bahasa Melayu]

3. List of drive-through locations for payment of pensions and allowances [Bahasa Melayu]

Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications

1. Temporary closures of cyber cafes [Bahasa Melayu]

2. Preventive actions in controlling COVID-19 outbreaks at Brunei International Airport 

3. Closure and amended operating hours of service counters at departments and authority under Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications [Bahasa Melayu]

4. [Updated] Closure and amended operating hours of service counters at departments and authority under Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications [Bahasa Melayu]

5. Information Notice, Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department [English | Bahasa Melayu]

6. Information Notice, Department of Civil Aviation

7. Temporary closure of Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam's (MPABD) offices and suspension of counter services [English | Bahasa Melayu]


How to Register and Activate
e-Darussalam account
English | Bahasa Melayu

Forgot e-Darussalam password?
English | Bahasa Melayu

Temporary Closure of e-Darussalam
Activation Counters

English | Bahasa Melayu

Penutupan Fasiliti dan Premis di bawah kawalan Kementerian Kebudayaan Belia dan Sukan

Bayar Denda Kesalahan Lalulintas
Secara Dalam Talian

SOP COVID-19 Pengangkutan Awam

Online Renewal of Vehicle License
English | Bahasa Melayu

Online Renewal of Driving License
English | Bahasa Melayu

JPD Service for Senior Citizens
English | Bahasa Melayu
6 Tips for Boating Safety during COVID-19

Guideline for COVID-19 Preventive Measures
at Construction Sites


For more information and update on COVID-19 situation in Brunei Darussalam, please visit Ministry of Health's website at this link.