Education & Workforce Plan

A highly educated and skilled workforce will help to promote investments and build a modern economy that creates quality employment opportunities for the citizens in both the public and private sector to further glorify the driving force in achieving the goals of the national vision known as Wawasan Brunei 2035.

In an effort to create more employment opportunities, the Government of Brunei Darussalam is constantly planning, developing and implementing policies and programmes to raise the national standards in education for the success of the nation to excel. The National Education System for the 21st Century, the Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2007-2011 and subsequently Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2012-2017 and with the legislation of the Compulsory Religious Education Order 2012 has been introduced and implemented in Brunei Darussalam to ensure the citizens will meet the skills of tomorrow workforce needed in the short, medium and long-term leads to better prospects for job and career opportunities.

Several initiatives have been undertaken to create more employment opportunities for the citizens such as i-Ready which is a 3-year apprenticeship programme and acts as a platform to expose graduates to various industries in both the public and private sector; and Brunei Solutions Development Centre (BSDC) as a software development facility that offers IT graduates to work on real world software development projects, and receive training and certification opportunities.

In addition, to enhance the application process for job vacancies in Brunei Darussalam in both the public and private sector, the PSC Recruitment and JobCentre Brunei has been implemented by the government for the convenience of the citizens to search and apply for job vacancies online.

In order to ensure a highly-skilled and knowledgeable workforce, the Civil Service Institute acts as a main government training agency to provide continuous trainings and consultancy to build and develop the capability and skills of employees in both the public and the private sector.

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