Digital Government Strategic Plans & Legislation

Digital Government Strategy 2015-2020​
Identifies the 6 focus areas and programmes towards a Digital Government that aims to achieve the Wawasan 2035.

E-Government Strategic Plan 2009 -2014
Outlines the 5 priorities of the Government to achieve success in e-Government.

Laws of Brunei (Related to I.T.)

Chapter 153 Official Secrets Act
An act to safeguard official and Government information.

Chapter 194 Computer Misuse Act
An Act to make provisions for securing computer material against unauthorized access or modification and for related matters.

Chapter 196 Electronic Transactions Act​
An Act to make provision for the security and use of electronic transactions, electronic communications, electronic commerce and for connected purposes.

Chap​ter 197 Anti-Terrorism (Financial and Other Measures) Act​​
Interpretation of a Terrorist Act (Clause 2) to include “the action is designed to disrupt any public computer system or the provision of services directly related to communications infrastructure, banking and financial services, public utilities, public transportation or public key infrastructure.

Chapter 180 Broadcasting Act - Internet Code of Practice​
Act responsible for broadcasting matters, which includes online content, to ensure that nothing is included in any broadcasting service or content provider (including individuals) which is against the public interest or national harmony or which offends against good taste or decency.

Telecommunications Order, 2001 (s38/01)​
An Order to provide for the operation and provision of telecommunication systems and services in Brunei Darussalam, and for matters related with it.

Chapter 108 Evidence Act
An Act to unify within Brunei Darussalam the law relating to evidence. This act touches on the admissibility of statements produced by computers as evidence in any proceedings in court. [S 29/97] (Clause 35A)

Copyright Order 1999
The Order that defines computer programs, database of data or other machine readable forms, original by reason of selection or arrangement of contents are considered as “literary work” entitled for copyright protection.

Other Laws of Brunei

Other laws related to IT but not directly:

  •     Chapter 22 Section 292 of the Penal Code
        (Prohibits the sale or distribution of obscene articles)
  •     Chapter 28 Common Gaming House Act
        (Illegality of online gambling )
  •     Chapter 69 Censorship of Films and Public Entertainment Act
        (Regulate online content)
  •     Chapter 25 Undesirable Publications Act
        (Regulate online content)
  •     Chapter 181 Public Entertainment Act
        (Regulate online content)

  • Chapter 24 Sedition Act
    (Regulate online content)

  • Chapter 192 Defamation Act
    ​(Regulate online content)