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MOEMoe Recognition of Qualifications / CoursesDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoeApplication for Registration As a Teacher (at Private Education Institution)DownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application Form to Transfer from Arab / Ma'Had Islam / ITAQSHHB School to Government SchoolDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Government Education Loan Scheme Form BDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Registration of Board of Governor for Private InstitutionDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe SMS Registration for Brunei-Cambridge GCE ‘O’, ‘AS’ & ‘A’ Level and IGCSE Examination ResultsInfoNoYes-UserNoneNoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application for Admission of a Child to a Government / Private SchoolDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application for Permit to TeachDownloadableNoYes-UserN/AYesNoG2C
MOEMoe Application Form for Foreign Students to Study in Brunei Darussalam (for Private School and International School)DownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application Form to Continue Working after RetirementDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe   Application form of Transfer to enter to Government School from Private School (with Secondary Studies)DownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Exemption from Declaration Forms to Study in Brunei Darussalam (Red Identity Card Holder Only)DownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Registration of New Private Education InstitutionDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Transfer Between Government SchoolsDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application for Accreditation of Courses/QualificationsDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application for change of address or alteration of the premise of an educational institutionDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application for Postgraduate Study at Universiti Teknologi BruneiInfoNoN/AN/ANoNo
MOEMoe Application Form to enter Primary Schools in Brunei DarussalamDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application of Transfer of SchoolDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Higher Education Programmes via HECAS FormDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Daily Paid Teachers Application FormDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Relief Teachers Application FormsDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Recognition of Programmes / Courses for Private InstitutionsDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Application for Early Entry of SchoolsDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEDept of SchoolsApplication Form to Transfer from Private School to Government SchoolDownloadableNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Intranet E-filingInfoNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEDept of ICTService DeskInfoNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe QuotationInfoNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEMoe Calibration of measuring equipment InfoNoN/AN/ANoNoG2C
MOEDept of Higher EduApplication to selected Government Higher Education InstitutionsE-services (Web)HECASYesYes-UserN/AYesNoG2C
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