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Quite often, professors require students to write not a personal opinion assignment, but an argumentative paper. At first glance, one can hardly see the difference between these types of assignments. In both cases, there is the main statement that UK assignment writer https://www.assignmentbox.co.uk/ has either to support or argue and provide evidence. The point is that when you have to write an argumentative assignment, you have to provide examples and facts which cannot base solely on your personal attitude or opinion. Hence, you need to provide a reader with a wide range of facts and keep a neutral position concerning the discussed issue.

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There also exists one more type of assignments which is somewhere in between personal opinion and argumentative assignments. This refers to a persuasive assignment. Here, you need to provide your opinion, also using solid argumentations to persuade a reader that your position is right. It is not enough just to say that you support a thesis statement https://www.assignmentbox.co.uk/blog/ because it corresponds to your life position or principles. You have to give a reason to a reader why he or she has to listen to your point of view.
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