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Application for Registration of Birth Certificate

This service is provided by Department of Immigration and National Registration under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). 

Application for birth registration is intended to obtain birth certificate for school registration facility, application for identity cards, travel documents, citizenship and others.

The registration must be carried out according to the area of birth and the place of the foster child.

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Birth Registration Period
    • Birth registration for newborn is recommended to be implemented once the child is born. Delayed birth registration (more than 14 days) and late birth registration (more than 43 days) will be recorded if the registration period is made after 14 days of the child was born.
  • Person Who Register
    • The category for those eligible to register the birth of the child is as follows :
      • Biological Father
      • Biological Mother
      • Family members who know the birth of the child
    • Important Note : Birth registration NOT made by the biological parents shall include the authorization letter or letter of representative together with a copy of the identification card of the biological father of the child.
  • Birth Registration of 'Laqid' Child
    • Registration of birth of the 'laqid' child shall be made by the foster parents who have been authorized by the Government Committee and executed upon obtaining a temporary order from the Syariah court.
  • Registration of Foster Child
    • Registration and issuance of adoption Certificate must be made upon the foster parent obtained the Permanent Order from the Syariah court (For Muslim) and ' Adoption Order from the civil courts (For non Muslim)
Fees :
  • Registration : No Fee
  • Compound Penalty : According to CHAPTER 13 of the Registration of Birth and Death Act, Term 79, any birth which fails to register within the stipulated period shall be subject to a fine of compound not more than BND $500.00.

How to use the Service

  • Application form can be obtained at the Counter of the Bahagian Pendaftaran, Kelahiran, Kematian dan Anak Angkat, Immigration and National Registration or can be downloaded here.
  • Documents required for Registration are as follows:
    • Birth Registration Application Form
    • Birth Declaration Letter (Original and Copy)
    • Marriage Certificate (Original and Copy)
    • Identification Card of the parents or police warrant card or RBAF card (Original and Copy)
    • Marriage Confirmation Letter (if married abroad) (Original and Copy)
    • Entry Permit Card (for Permanent Resident)(Original and Copy)
    • Death certificate of Father/mother of child (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
    • Divorce Certificate (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
    • Islamic Declaration Letter (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
    • Representative Letter from Biological Parents (If Represented)
    • Affidavit from the Magistrate Court for those with two names  (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
  • Documents required during the registration of Foster Child are as follows :
    • Documents of Biological Parents
      • Identification Card of Husband/Wife (Original and Copy)
      • Passport  (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
    • Documents of Foster Child
      • Birth Certificate (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
      • Passport  (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
    • Documents of Foster Parents
      • Identification Card of Husband/Wife (Original and Copy)
      • Birth Certificate of Husband/Wife (Original and Copy) 
      • Marriage Certificate of Husband/Wife (Original and Copy)
      • Islamic Declaration Letter (If Applicable)(Original and Copy)
    • Documents From Syariah Court/Civil Court
      • Letter of Confession of adoption from Biological Parents (Original and Copy)
      • Letter of adoption from Foster Parents (Original and Copy)
      • Letter of Authorization for adoption (Original and Copy)
      • Permanent Order (For Muslim) / Adoption Order (For Non Muslim) (Original and Copy)