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Application of Registration of Death

This service is provided by the Immigration and National Registration Department, Ministry of Home Affairs. (MOHA).  

Application for Registration of Death Certificate is intended to obtain Death Certificate for Insurance Demand, Distribution of Estate, Marriage and Others.

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Death Registration Period 
    • Registration of death is recommended to be implemented within 12 hours of death. Delayed death registration (3 days after 12 hours) and late death registration (more than 3 days) will be recorded if the registration period is made after the recommended time. 
  • Applicant who Register
    • Categories for those eligible for death registration are as follows : 
        • The deceased family member who knows about the death 
      • Any person who is present during the death 
      • Residents who know about the death 
      • Anyone who encounter or handles the deceased 
Fees :

  • Registration: No Fee is charged

Compound Penalty : According to Chapter 13 of the Registration of Birth and Death Act, Term 79, any death which fails to be registered within the stipulated period shall be subject to a fine of compound not more than BND $500.00. 

How to use the Service

  • Form can be obtained at the Counter of The Registration, Birth, Death and Foster Child, Immigration and National Registration Department or download here.
  • Documents Required :
    • For death with a Doctor's  or Medical Officer endorsement : 
      • Death Registration Form
      • Identity Card of the deceased (Original and Copy)
      • Passport of the Deceased (for Foreigner) (Original and Copy)
      • Birth Certificate of the Deceased (Original and Copy)
      • Identity Card of Applicant  (Original and Copy).
    • For death that does not have a Doctor's or Medical Officer endorsement : 
      • Registration Form
      • Letter of Confirmation of death from Penghulu or Head of Village
      • Identity Card of the deceased (Original and Copy)
      • Passport of the Deceased (for Foreigner) (Original and Copy)
      • Birth Certificate of the Deceased (Original and Copy)
      • Outpatient Card of the Deceased (if applicable)
      • Identity Card of Applicant  (Original and Copy).