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Service List

Application for donation, sponsorship and advertisement

This service is provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). The collection of donations involving finance, articles, advertisement and sponsorship are governed by the Term Donation Act 1953 (Terms 91).   The authority to give permit is the Ministry of Home Affairs in accordance with Donation Act 1953. 

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Direct collection of donations are not usually allowed except in certain cases.
  • Collection of donations must be voluntarily.
  • The collection of donation proceeds must use an official receipt stating the name of the donor/sponsor, donation amount and signature of the donor/sponsor.
  • Authorisation of collection of donations is for one (1) month only.
  • The number of collection of donations retrievers is limited to three (3) persons only.
  • A copy of the balance sheet must be brought to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Collection of donations cannot be contrary to the laws and regulations of the country.
  • Collection of donations are permitted according to the district area only.

How to use the Service

  • Form can be obtained at the Counter of Public Entertainment Control Division (Bahagian Pengawalan Hiburan Awam dan Penerbitan) or download here.
  • Application Form must be completed and submit to Counter of Public Entertainment Control Division (Bahagian Pengawalan Hiburan Awam dan Penerbitan).
  • Documents Required :
    • Copy of Letter of Authorization / Endorsement from the Royal Brunei Police Force (for activities requiring the Police Authorization and other agencies related to activities such as road use and others).
    • Copy of Letter of Authorization using specific venue (if necessary)
    • Copy of Registration Letter of organization / registration certificate of Business Company 16 & 17
    • Copy of Donation Letter from Ministry / Organization.