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Service on Plant Pest Identifiction, Advisory and Management Recommendation

This service is provided by Agriculture and Agrifood Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism for registered farmer who wish to identify plant pests in their farms and seek advisory services on the management of insect pests and plant diseases.

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Registered with the Department.

How to use the Service

  • Farmer lodge complaint of plant pest to Agricultural Development Unit (ADU) in their respective districts.
  • ADU extends the issue to Crop Protection Unit (CPU).
  • CPU schedules farm visit.
  • CPU inspects farm.
    • If plant pest can be identified, control measures will be provided immediately.
    • If plant pest cannot be identified, plant sample will be brought to respective laboratories for further analysis.
  • CPU prepare report on farm visit and recommendations to farmers via ADU.