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Application for License to Operate Sawmill (Form 6)

This service is provided by Forestry Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.  This service is for the registration of Sawmill and Timber Downstream Industries/Value Added Machines.

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Sawmill should be registered under the Forestry Department 
Fees :

  • $20 per annum for Bandsaw
  • $100 per annum for Downstream Machineries

How to use the Service

  • Sawmill's Manager should fill up the FORM 6 renewal form and listing out all the machineries that are currently used. Form can be downloaded here.
  • JPH Staff will review the informations to ensure that all are correct and Sawfill do not have any debt with the Department before paying FORM 6 fee.
  • Payment should be made through the Counter before the renewal of FORM 6 is approve.