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Service List

Application for boundary survey and demarcation of new logging concession area

This service is provided by Forestry Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. 

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • This service is exclusively only for holders of licenses who have been granted a new concession area for taking forest produce allowed by the Forestry Department 
Fees :

  • $500 - Service fee  for each application

How to use the Service

  • Fill in the form (Borang JPH9/2000) but before the applicant fill in the form, the applicant shall first have to obtain a new concession area as granted by the Timber Licensing Board Meeting (for Form 1) or from the Department of Forestry (for Form 3). Form can be downloaded here.
  • Submit the completed form to :
    • Sawmilling Unit, 2nd Floor, Forestry Headquarters, Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism Building.
  • The work will only commence after payment of service fee and arrears have been paid and cleared.