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Application of Foreign Workers Recruitment License (FWL)

This service is provided by Labour Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs for the application of Licenses for Foreign Workers (FWL).

This is an offline/counter service


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Employers/Companies applying must be a registered company under the ROCBN and possess all the required approvals/permission for conducting relevant activities
  •  FWL applications must be through Employment Agencies licensed and registered by the Department of Labour
  • Employers/Companies must be registered with Job Centre Brunei and TAP before submitting an application for the FWL
  • The number of Foreign Workers applied for must not exceed the set percentage/ratio of local and foreign workforce (NTA) that is accorded by industry.
  •  Security deposits must be paid by cash or Bank Guarantee or by Insurance Guarantee/Takaful Contribution for Foreign Workers (JITPA) for each Foreign Worker employed throughout the duration of their employment in the country.
  •  Foreign Workers must be covered by Workmen’s Compensation Insurance (Insuran Pampasan Pekerja) and Medical Insurance (Insuran Perubatan) and such proof must be attached during contract signing at the Department of Labour.
  • Appropriate residence for workers must be provided (Tenancy Agreement for residential premise is required).
  • A written employment contract between Employer and Foreign Worker must be furnished at the time of contract signing at the Department of Labour.
  •  Employers must be responsible for overseeing the safety and whereabouts of the Foreign Worker in the country as well as ensure that the Foreign Worker observe the laws and rules enforced within the country.
  • Employers may not, without lawful authority, possess or retain the passport or travel document of the Foreign Worker
  • To obey/observe the conditions/rules set out by the Department of Labour and the Department of Immigration and National Registration with regards to entry and recruitment of Foreign Workers into the country.
  •  Proper business facilities must be provided for according to the approved business activities
  •  Employers must attach a list of current Local Employees registered and receiving TAP contributions.
  • Employers must only place workers in premises of business approved by the Department of Labour where Employers must be considered as a fit and proper by the Department of Labour.
  • The FWL will be cancelled/ revoked if during the course of inspection (conducted by the Inspection Unit, Labour Inspection Division) the Employer is found to have not observe the above mentioned conditions or any conditions of the license

How to use the Service

Fill in the Foreign worker application form (LD) which can be downloaded here and submit to the Counter at Labour Department together with the standard required documents :
  • Copy of the owners Identity Card/passport for all the company owners
  • A copy of the valid passport for every worker being applied for
  • Copy of Company Registration (Form X)/16 & 17
  • Copy of supporting/approval letters from relevant government agencies (if applicable). For construction activities, copy of Builder's License/Sijil Pendaftaran Kontraktor issued by ABCi must be attached
  • Copy of Clearance Letter from JobCentre Brunei
  • A copy of certificates equivalent to the occupation should the occupation require qualifications