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Service List

Map Purchase

This service is provided by  Survey Department under the Ministry of Development.
Survey department offers products/services such as :
  • RSO Digital 
  • Certified Plan 
  • Gazette Plan 
  • Temporarily Occupied Land (TOL) Plan 
  • Strata Plan 
  • Topography Plan 
  • Mukim and Kampung Boundary Books 
  • Survey Info 
    • Coordinate
    • Field Book
  • Map Series

This is an offline/counter service.


General Prerequisite/ Criteria

  • Public
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Sector

How to use the Service

Click on the “Start” button above to obtain more info on the purchases and enquiries of the products.

Whats to be included when purchasing the respective products :

 RSO Digital 

  •  Lot No / Tol No /Gazette No
Certified Plan

  • Lot No / Tol No / Certified Plan No 
Gazette Plan

  • Gazette No / Gazette Plan No 
Temporarily Occupied Land (TL) Plan 

  • TOL No / TL Plan No 
Strata Plan

  • Strata No 
Topography Plan

  • Land No / Location 
Survey Info

  • Coordinate
    • Station No 
  • Field Book
    • Lot No / TOL No / Gazette No