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Registration of Board of Governor for Private Institution

‚ÄčThis service is provided by the Ministry of Education for the Setting up of Board of Governors (BOG) in a private educational institution (formal).

This is an offline/counter service.


General Prerequisite / Criteria

  • Chairman must be a citizen of Brunei only;
  • All members must be 25 years old or above; 
  • For foreigners, candidate shall not exceed sixty-five [65] years old accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Labor, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Brunei Darussalam; 
  • Percentage of foreign must not exceed 30% of the entire board committee. 

How to use the Service

An application letter must be submitted by the school together with the following documents: 

  1. Application form for Registration As Governor / Director of Education Institution [First Schedule (Form B)]; 
  2. A copy of  identification smart card; 
  3. A copy of recent coloured passport size photo; 
  4. A brief documentation on duties and responsibilities of members of the board;
  5. Statement A; 
  6. An Organization chart of the Board of Governors.   
Note : 
Application Form for the Registration As Governor / Director Of Educational Institution [First Schedule (Form B)] and Statement A can be downloaded here