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Registration of New Private Education Institution

​This service is provided by the Ministry of Education for the Setting up of a Private Education Institution in Negara Brunei Darussalam. 

This is an offline/counter service.


General Prerequisite/ Criteria

  •    Formal Private Education institution:
    1. Open for Brunei Citizen only;
    2. Age 18 yearld old and above;
    3. No bankruptcy records.
  •    Non-Formal Education institution:
    1. Open for Brunei Citizens and Permanent Resident only;
    2. Age 18 yearld old and above;
    3. No bankruptcy records.

  •    Formal Private Education institution:

              Type                                      New Registration Fee

               Kindergarten                                 $200.00
               Primary                                          $300.00
               Secondary                                     $300.00
               College                                          $300.00

  •    Non-Formal Education institution:

              New Registration Fee : $400.00

How to use the Service

An application letter must be submitted by the school together with copy of the following documents: 

  1. Application form for Registration of Educational Institution [First Schedule (Form A)]; 
  2. Applicant’s Brunei Identity Card;
  3. Manager’s Brunei Identity Card; 
  4. Applicant’s highest Educational Qualification Certificates; 
  5. Manager’s highest Educational Qualification Certificates; 
  6. 4 Pictures (4 corners) of the outside of the building / premises including parking lots and access roads to the building;
  7. Location Plan of Premises;
  8. Building Plan; 
  9. Floor plan / Site Premises;
  10. Land Grant of concerned unit;  
  11. Occupational Permit (OP) of Buildings / Premises; 
  12. Statement of capital or financial statements of the last 3 years;
  13. Letter of no objection from employer for those still working. 

Note : 

Application Form for Registration of Educational Institution  [First Schedule (Form A)] are available at MOE address as stated below :

    Ministry of Education
    Old Airport, Berakas BB3510
    Negara Brunei Darussalam.
or can be downloaded here