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e-Filing (Electronic Filing System (EFS))

‚ÄčThis service is provided by the State Judiciary under Prime Minister's Office. The e-Filing Portal is an initiative of the Brunei Judiciary and has been designed to serve as a one-stop portal for the legal community to gain access to all its needs ranging from registration of cases, filing of case documents, retrieval of service document right down to searching of case files and information including case schedules.

Previously lawyers have to call the registrar for the status of their case filing. Now the e-Filing portal will send notification of any case filing status to the lawyers' email immediately upon successful registration in the e-Filing System.

This is an Online Service


General Prerequisite/ Criteria

User must have the following: 

  • InternetAccess
  • Web Browser

How to use the Service

  • Click here on how to use e-Filing.