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‚ÄčAutoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) is a statutory body, acting as the central bank of Brunei Darussalam which undertakes several core functions, including the formulation and implementation of monetary policies, the regulation and supervision of financial institutions as well as currency management.

This smartphone application aims to, amongst others, introduce AMBD and financial institutions licensed by AMBD, as well as to provide awareness on financial scams.

1. About AMBD:
- Information about AMBD and all units under AMBD and frequently asked questions

2. Search an Organisation:
- Search feature to verify if the organisation is a licensed financial institution

3. Financial Scams:
- Information on common financial scams in Brunei and questions to estimate your investment risk

4. Awareness Video:
- Collection of awareness videos related to financial scams and financial literacy

5. News and Updates:
- Find out more about AMBD and its latest news

6. Events:
- List of events by AMBD/Centre for Islamic Banking Finance & Management (CIBFM)

7. Contact Us:
- Facility to contact AMBD for any enquiries

This app was developed under the initiative of AMBD and in collaboration with DotRoot Technologies. This app may collect information on the search query for statistical and improvement purposes. This app requires internet connection.

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