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TAP Brunei

Category : Finance

Service Owner

Tabung Amanah Pekerja

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Welcome to Tabung Amanah Pekerja official mobile app!

This app is designed to make it convenient for you to get information about TAP. Everything at your finger tips.

Some of the features are:

• Our Schemes
- Information of schemes under Tabung Amanah Pekerja

• Withdrawal
- Information you need to know for both TAP and SCP withdrawal schemes

• Contribution Calculator
- Where you can easily calculate your required TAP & SCP Contribution similar to your contribution rate handbooks

• Retirement Planning
- To provide you with an estimated value to help with your retirement plan
- Covers for both TAP lumpsum & SCP annuity

• Resources
- A resource guide of our downloadable handbooks for both employer & employee

• Contact Us-
For any feedback, comments, recommendations, complaints & inquiries

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